Singaporeans Are The Second Most Internet Addicted People In The World

According to a survey conducted by TATA communication, People of Singapore spend more time on the internet than any other country in the world except India. Around 54 percent of the Singaporeans say that they cannot last without the internet for up to 12 hours in a day. This figure in India is 54 percent. These are the results of a study conducted by CNBC. Under this survey, the firm spoke to 9417 respondents in Singapore, India, UK, USA, France, and Germany. The firm asked the respondents 14 questions to analyze the emotional connection of the people to the internet as per the CNBC report.

Almost 43% Singaporeans said they spend more than 6 hours on the internet, which is much higher than the international average of 29%. The average Singaporean can spend only 7.5 hours without their internet fix. Asia also seems to be the most hooked on the internet compared to other regions of the world. In comparison, Europeans and Americans can go much longer without the internet, according to the reports of the CNBC, according to which 86 percent Germans, 77 percent French, 75 percent of Americans, and 70 percent of the British manage up to 12 hours without the internet.

How Internet Habits Are Affecting The Singaporean’s Health

According to a survey conducted on individual practices about the internet, there came up the example of Mr. Aloysius Kee aged 19. He gets up around noon and switches on two screens the first thing in the morning. One screen is for watching videos, and other is for playing games. He does both things simultaneously for about 6 hours in a day and leaves his seat only when he needs a toilet break. According to Mr. Kee, he plays till the wee hours and regrets it, but it is worth it. He is one of the many young people in Singapore who lead a sedentary and unhealthy lifestyle. Mr. Kee spends double the average time spent by Singaporeans on the internet. His father bought him a play station when he was five years old and since then has difficulty breaking away. He weighs a 100 kg mainly because of his internet addiction.