Harmful Effects Of Excessive Use Of Internet

The excessive usage of the internet for non-work related activities leads to lack of sleep, change of diet, and mood swings, according to many counselors and psychiatrists. Again Mr. Kee said that he relates to the perils of gaming because earlier he used to fill his room with snacks and drinks to avoid climbing stairs. He now lives in a 5 room HBD flat, and it takes only 10 steps for him to go to the toilet or the kitchen. He does not leave home much and has not taken up a job after graduation. Of course, Mr. Kee is an extreme example of internet addiction, but many people in Singapore are thus addicted.

According to an AIA survey, the excessive internet time has affected the health of youngsters, especially children. Children do not get enough exercise as they are spending too much time online and playing video games. And 67% of the parents admit that their children are not getting enough exercise because of playing excessively on the internet. According to the survey, it was also found that most Singaporeans know that the internet is bad for them